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The Chung Shi Story:

Good health starts with your feet!

Very simply, Chung Shi’s aim is to find the perfect shoe for every foot and every indication. The Chung Shi brand offers a wide range of functional footware which enables the integration of an effective and gentle muscle training into your daily life.

All shoe concepts have one thing in common: They copy the natural movements of the human body. Muscles and joints are strained in the way it was intended by nature.


A crazy idea will be a success story

The company ME & Friends AG, originally headquartered in wooden churches in Munich, with the brand Chung Shi, was founded in 2001 by Mr. Michael Ertl together with Mr. Matthias Graf von Krockow. The strategic direction of the brand Chung Shi, from the outset, was to meet the growing need for gentle Asian methods and concepts to improve the well -being of people, contributing to the health and inner balance of the customers. The success of this idea lay the organizational and entrepreneurial basis for a global distribution system.

The ME & Friends AG were optimistic about the future. And with good reason. All investments and decisions are designed to create innovative niche products and to achieve a healthy and stable growth. The plan was for the shoe assortment DUX® and AuBioRiG (which became AuBioMo in the U.S.) to be continuously expanded, which happened. The plan was to assure all action focused upon the customer's' satisfaction as well as a balanced partnership for the ME & Friends AG. This derived from the brand philosophy, "time to balance," as well as from our own history.

The company, ME & Friends AG, is a Bavarian family, and here the partnership together is the most important asset of Chung Shi, a partnership which is maintained and nurtured. This philosophy, as much as the brand and corporate content, are conveyed internally and externally.

"I am sure that the success of the ME & Friends AG to maintain and expand, but only together with our employees, suppliers and customers. And for that, we are committed with full force! "

~ Michael Ertl

Our Network

Chung Shi offers healthy footwear products designed to help address specific foot maladies. You may benefit by consulting one of our dealers; trained pedorthists who can analyze foot problems and teach you about your biomechanics. Our premier dealer networks are:

For our complete dealer store listing, go to www.chung-shi.com and click on the U.S. flag.

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